One of the great things about developing on Makeinsite is that you can access your project task from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop / laptop, Android app, iOS app, and Apple TV app.

Website Features by Platform

The table below outlines which course features are available on which platform. For features listed as "No", it indicates that these items are not supported at the moment. If you'd like to make a request for these features to be added, however, please contact Makeinsite Support.

Features Available Makeinsite.com Mobile Site Android App iOS  App  Apple TV App
Starting your Makeinsite account
Adding and editing pages and blocks
Billing, signing up, and payments  
Connecting email services to your site  
Creating and managing an online store with Makeinsite Commerce        
Designing your site and managing your template    
Galleries, images, and video √(if enabled by developer)    
Logging in and managing your account      
Purchase, connect, or transfer a domain  
Partnering with Makeinsite, sponsorships, or press inquiries    
Technical Issues and Security    
See Reviews Developers (Only the members rating score in aggregate is visible)
View Announcements  
Promo Videos
Send Direct Messages (ie: contact developer directly)      
Search by Category
Search Marketplace and Enrol in Projects      

For more information on our mobile apps, please click here. To learn more about the Apple TV, then please click here.

Payment Options by Platform

The payment and refund options available to you can vary, depending on what platform you’re accessing Makeinsite with. 

The table below outlines the payment and refund options that are available on each respective, Makeinsite platform.

  Makeinsite.com Mobile Web Android App iOS App Apple TV App
Payment Options


Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and Paypal

Makeinsite Credits


Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and Paypal

Makeinsite Credits

Google Pay iTunes iTunes
Refunds can be Processed via Makeinsite    

Customer Features

The table below outlines which Makeinsite platforms customers can use to access the project tasks they’ve built, and edit the website content.
  Makeinsite.com Mobile Web Android App iOS App Apple TV
Project task Management Tools      

If you have any other questions regarding Makeinsite's platforms and features, please contact Makeinsite Support.


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